Post #1: My Life Before Gigantomastia

I used to refer to my body type as “teapot.” Get it?… No? Ok, let me help.

I’m 23 years old. I’m getting married so I get measured for a dress. EVERYTHING is measured.

Height: 5’1″

Weight: 175 lbs

Bust: 38

Waist: 30

Hip: 38

Bra size: 38DDD

Pants size: 16 or Large

Shirt size: Large

Now do you get the “teapot” reference? Still no? Well… what is a teapot? It’s: short AND stout (ba dum tsss).

I was happy. I wasn’t a girl who wanted to lose a bunch of weight. I was curvy and oh so happy. And I was getting married to the man of my dreams!

Below is the bra I wore on my wedding day:


Post #3: Decisions, and Life Since Diagnosis

I tell my husband the news. Surprisingly, he doesn’t take it well. Who would think that a man wouldn’t at least find it mildly interesting that his wife will have ever-growing breasts?! He tells me to get the reduction ASAP. Insurance won’t cover it and we can’t afford it. This leads to fighting.

After days of yelling, the fights turned away from my diagnosis and towards other issues in our relationship. Things that have been bottled up for years.

Finally, I put my foot down and say I am going to accept this new body and embrace my disease. I am going to be proud of what I have.

We are since divorced. It didn’t happen right away but after that we drifted apart. Don’t worry, this isn’t a “sad sap” story about my marriage. I love my ex husband, he’s an amazing person and father, but we weren’t meant to be.

My son turns 3 this summer. His first birthday part I wore a 40G bra.

That following Christmas I was a 40H.

His 2nd birthday, I wore a 42HH.

Currently, as I write this post, I am adjusting my 42J bra’s strap. I’m still 5’1″, but I’m closer to 255 lbs now. I wear a XXXL T shirt, and XXL leggings and panties. My new measurements are 42/34/44. I’m still a teapot. I’m still proud to be short and stout ;).

Post #2: The Cause of My Gigantomastia

At 25, I found out I was pregnant. We were ecstatic! Work was going well for us both, we were settled in to a perfect home, and we were both ready to be parents.

The pregnancy went very well. Little morning sickness and no issues with our baby throughout.

At 9 months, I had outgrown everything I owned: shirts, pants, panties, and especially bras. I was now an XL shirt at LEAST, and wore strictly leggings and maternity pants which were in the XL-XXL. The first nursing bra I bought was a 40F. I tipped the scales at 240 lbs. I thought, this is normal. I’m pregnant, I’m going to be nursing, it’ll all go back down at least a  little.

On a sunny June afternoon, our son was born. It went perfectly and everyone was healthy. Those first four months I nursed him but then switched to formula. At 8 months, I outgrew my F cup bras. I went and got remeasured:


I thought there’s no way. I’m done nursing. I’ve lost weight (around 10-15 lbs). I thought there was something wrong with me. Breast cancer? I scheduled an appointment with my doctor.

Tests were ran and a week later he called me back into the office. He said he had a hard time figuring out this diagnosis because of it’s rarity. I have bilateral gigantomastia.

What do I do? What are my options? Am I in health danger?

He assured me that I was not at any risk. I could let it go, or get breast reduction surgery (or possibly even a double mastectomy). I went over the options with my husband for a solid few days…

Here is a picture of my when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my son!: